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No need for papers that can be lost or destroyed. We have created a totally free, reliable, effective and professional application that you can manage your apiaries and hives. It doesnt matter how much apiaries and hives you have, you need an effective application to manage them!



Please find out some of our unique features!


Manage easily the location and blossom of your apiaries


Manage easily important information about hives, like type of hives, origin of colony, supers, notes, etc.


Full tracking for all hive inspections that you are doing! Is there queen in the colony, open or capped brood?


Keep track for every harvest that you are getting from every beehive, in order to improve your honey/pollen production!


Manage easily the location and blossom of your apiaries


Keep track and full reporting for all diseases and treatments in beehives


Keep track and reporting for every queen in your apiary. Age, origin, ...!

Beekeeping Practice

Best Beekeeping Practices considering every season!


No limits on apiaries, hives, inspections! Seriously!


  • Unlimited Apiaries
  • Unlimited Hives
  • Unlimited Inspections
  • Unlimited Tasks
  • Unlimited statistics and reporting for apiaries and hives
  • Free update software
  • Free support through email and phone
  • ...and more!

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